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Xbox travel bags and carrying cases normally run around $40 to $50 or so, and if you love to travel with your X-box they may be well worth the month. After all, you spent $500 or so acquiring your X-box, and they don't exactly travel friendly. without a travel bag. One of the first things to look for is a travel case that is light. Your X-Box weighs around 6 pounds. Your case should almost never weigh more than 3 pounds.
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3Division Entertainment’s Air Missions: Hind recently joined Steam’s Greenlight seeking votes and favorites. The game is also scheduled to launch in early 2016 for the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. Despite being an indie game, 3Division Entertainment’s pedigree in working on the Air Conflicts series instantly gives the game a very gratifying visual appeal that’s rarely seen from titles appearing on Greenlight. You can see a teaser of what the gameplay will look like with the announce...
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I’m not entirely familiar with other than that it’s one of the online versions of and has found a nice niche in Japan. Apparently a new update has arrived for the game as there’s a brand new trailer floating around for it. Go Nintendo caught wind of Capcom’s new trailer that features some new Partnyers, weapons and monsters to hunt. You can check out the two-minute trailer below. Since I don’t speak Japanese and the original article on Go Nintendo adds very little context, it’s di...