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When you want to play your favorite game, I would recommend using a ps5 controller 0n a PC because it is always straightforward to do that. It is very comfortable when you hold it and also find a lot of fun on your gamepads most of the time you use it. It always feels nice to play various PC games with the Controller instead of using a keyboard or a mouse, especially when you have got the whole setup in your living room. The PC can work both when wired and when wireless when the PC supports Bluetooth. You should also know that if you use your ps5 Controller on a PC, then when playing on a PC, the adaptive triggers will not be utilized.
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PlayStation Experience 2016 is just a week away, and Sony has a huge lineup of playable titles for the event. The fan event takes place December 3 and 4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, and boy does Sony have some big plans for the event. As usual, PlayStation Experience will kick off with the annual PlayStation Showcase, which will feature new footage and world premieres. The show starts at 10am with doors opening at 8am. For those who can’t make the event, the Showcase will l...
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1993 is returning in the form of Samurai Shodown, which is to be released on the PlayStation 4 on December 8, sadly only available on the Japanese PlayStation Store at this time. The game, like most old fighting games, includes 12 different characters in its roster. It will cost 823 yen. Although a western release of the game has in fact been announced, SNK and Hamster have not announced any further details, including price and date.
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With Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat both making the leap to this generation of consoles, many fighting fans have been wondering when the revered Marvel vs. Capcom franchise would produce another entry. According to a report from Polygon, those fans might not have to wait much longer for the highly anticipated sequel to 2011’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Per Polygon, Capcom is prepared to make an announcement revealing the game during this year’s PlayStation Experience keynote, which takes place ...