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Macross Delta Scramble is receiving new additional content from the anime series’ second half. The game is also to receive a paid-for DLC containing additional missions, a new mecha, and new pilots. The free DLC, however, links itself with the anime series, following up the final battle near the last episode. It will cost 1,000 yen. Macross Delta Scramble is currently available on the PlayStation Vita in Japan. There is no western release of the game.
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The Wii U has continued to mount some impressive momentum in sales following the release of . Why? Because it took the world a while but eventually people started to realize that Nintendo’s little Wii U that could isn’t all that bad. Nintendo Everything is reporting that the Media Create figures for the week ending on June 22nd have come in, and the Wii U is still riding on the sales momentum that got kickstarted into effect once Mario rolled up his sleeves and put a V10’s worth of kick-bu...
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1993 is returning in the form of Samurai Shodown, which is to be released on the PlayStation 4 on December 8, sadly only available on the Japanese PlayStation Store at this time. The game, like most old fighting games, includes 12 different characters in its roster. It will cost 823 yen. Although a western release of the game has in fact been announced, SNK and Hamster have not announced any further details, including price and date.
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There has not been too much of an update on the upcoming Pokémon-GX cards since the announcement over the summer. However, a short commercial has just debuted for fans in Japan to start getting even more excited for new trading cards. The video features battling Pokémon in CGI animation as real bystanders watch in amazement and cheer on their favorites. We already know Lunala and Solgaleo, the legendary cover Pokémon for the video games, are two of the cards. They are seen clashing over the ...