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With the release coming right around the corner – on September 26th to be more exact – it only makes sense to give a bit of information-loving to the upcoming hack-and-slash, multiplayer, -themed adventure action title from Nintendo, Tecmo Koei, Omega Force and Team Ninja.

is a set in a somewhat canonical universe of , but with more of a re-imagining of events rather than portraying itself as a straight-through sequel to any of the previously released games.

The story follows the sorceress Cia, a guardian of the balance of the Tri-Force. She eventually becomes enamored with all the lean, pretty muscles of Link and his lady-like face and she falls head-over-heels into jealousy with Zelda. The princess goes missing and it’s up to link to track down and fight the buxom baddie that took his lady. And let me tell you, Team Ninja spared no expense in making sure that all the right curves fit the structure of Cia to a ‘T’.

The game consists of allowing players to choose from over a handful of different playable characters, including but not limited to Link, the Hyrulean warrior; Fi, the mystical sprite; Midna, the miniature mage; Agitha, the parasol-wielding minx; Lana, the bubbly mage; Impa, Zelda’s sword-wielding guardian, and Zelda herself… the legendary princess of branded fame.

The gameplay itself varies per character, with each character having their own set of special abilities and wide-sweeping attacks to plow through the countless foes. Depending on your play-style will determine which character best suits your abilities. Players accustomed to the typical gameplay will probably prefer playing Link, Impa or Zelda. Players who prefer something a bit more unorthodox and unique might take to Midna or Lana – since both characters seem to prefer relying on asymmetrical magic attacks. Players out there looking for someone simple control with easy-to-understand radial attacks will easily find themselves attracted to Agitha or Fi.

In addition to each character coming with their very own play-style, additional weapons, alternate costumes (for each character) and items are available in the game to completely mix things up.

Players will be able to unlock and gather new gear while traveling about the game world by collecting rupees and using them to acquire better upgrades and skills, very similar to Tecmo Koei’s games. This means that players can upgrade their health, upgrade the armor, upgrade their defenses and upgrade their attack power.

Additionally, bosses will propagate the battlefields in between players wiping out the trash mobs. The bosses will require a bit more heave and heft from the player, tactically, in order to defeat them. Some will require more tactics than others, and sometimes players will have to adjust their playing style on the fly.

The game will just over a handful of main bosses, too, so it won’t just be Cia and her minions that players will need to contend with.

The stages themselves will be a varied mix of locations taken from throughout different time periods of the universe. This includes visiting the Palace of Twilight and Skyloft, as well as the Lanaryu Gorge – which was on display at this year’s E3 – and classic locations like the Faron Woods, or the unforgettable level, the Twilight Lands.

For those of you wondering: yes, can be played in two-player co-op in both online and offline local modes. However, even if you decide to hoof it on your own in single-player, A.I., will accompany you during various mentions, as regular foot soldiers will help fill up the ranks on the battlefield to help give the game a slightly more “epic” feel.

You can look for to launch exclusively for the Wii U come September 26th. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the official website.

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