Overkill VR Getting Updated This Week

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The work on Overkill VR is not quite done yet. It was listed as a full release, and we reviewed it as such only to learn after our piece launched that it got switched to Early Access. It seems that the developer, Starloop Studios, have more love to pour into the game than the initial Steam release indicated. A fresh patch is hitting the title this week. According to the press release, the improvements include:

  • Mixed reality videos are now possible by adding an external camera config file close to the game exe’s file. Feel free to make cool videos!
  • Oculus Touch is now officially supported. Warmap can be scrolled with the right analog correctly now.
  • Increased difficulty for some East Slums levels. You will be flanked more frequently, so be careful!
  • Increased fire rate for MK23 pistol a bit.
  • Fixed MK23’s reflex not working
  • Fixed a weird case where you could get stuck after a loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where main menu was not being shown after going back from a mission.
  • Improved first cover on East Slums 5, as it was a bit too high

What’s extremely interesting is a promise at the end of the announcement in the form of another patch next week that will introduce manual reloading of the weapons. Assuming it works, that would make a huge difference in the quality of the gallery shooter.

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