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Destiny holds some elements of different FPS games, and although it is a shooter game, it also holds many classic RPG features as well. With that said, you might run into needing more Weapon Parts — especially after playing through the latest expansion, The Taken King. Well, after reading this guide you might walk away with confidence knowing how to efficienctly farm more Weapon Parts.

Whether you are a hardcore Destiny player or is someone who plays with a slight passion, you might be well off with Weapon Parts, but sadly that’s not the case with every Destiny player. There are some that are a broke as a joke, but doesn’t mean that you can’t farm more.

Peering back some, folks can recall that before The Taken King you could keep re-rolling a weapon so that you could get the near perfect weapon. As of course, you would burn through materials like Motes and Weapon Parts, but in the process you got a dandy fine weapon.

As of now, Reforging is gone and was replaced by Infusion. This was, of course, introduced in The Taken King. If you find that your weapon isn’t to your liking but has some mad Attack on it, you can sacrifice the weapon into one of your favorites to increase its stats.

In addition to this, you will gain no Weapon Parts from this, unlike those few that are gained from a dismantle. Some of my guild members on another game tell me that they infuse small amounts of good weapons, while others say that they like upgrading a list of their weapons and Infuse high-end weapons. Obviously, this will suck you dry of Weapon Parts for those that do the latter.

A few noteworthy places to start that might help those out in finding more Weapon Parts are the Strike playlists. Sadly, not many people do them, but there is a site that is named DestinyLFG that shows folks on different platforms looking to partner up and do different missions.

Now that you know where to find folks to party with, even if you have a hard time gathering trustworthy teammates or Guardians looking to help you out, you will have one other problem to deal with, which is Patch 2.0.1. This makes it harder to get Weapons Parts by 25%, meaning you won’t get that many when dismantling a weapon.

How To Get More Weapon Parts:

Step 1: I felt a little guilty doing this, but it is very legal and helpful to do in the game. Trade weapons from different or alternate characters to your main character that you play the most, especially if you’ve been playing as one character since The Taken King‘s release.

Step 2: Only upgrade weapons that you know are your main weapons. For instance, in every game I play, I always stick with three main weapons and I’m very leery about upgrading to a weapon that looks like it has good stats; but in the long run doesn’t pay off. I do this in Pokémon and every RPG, since if you mess up, like with Weapon Parts, then you are stranded with nothing. So in other words, upgrade weapons that you know that you need to use, not because they look cool or you want to upgrade them just because you want to.

Step 3: Those Strikes that are in Strike Playlist have an even higher chance of dropping weapons. Nearly all of them are Rare or Blue, meaning you can dismantle them for their Weapon Parts. And for those having a hard time finding folks to farm items with, hit up

Step 4: Something worth noting, only Year Two weapons are affected by the 25% reduction when dismantling weapons for their Weapon Parts. Meaning, if you gather a list of Year One weapons like from the Prison of Elders, then you should be able to get a nice cache of Weapon Parts as well as some Strange Coins here and there on the side. However, do run the Prison of Elders on the standard level of 28.

And that’s basically it to this guide. If you find more Weapon Parts make sure you hold on to them until you’ve decided what you want to use it on.

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